Hear us comin? 👂🏾

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OKC what colors should I rock opening night?! #PG1s

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After all the good news today I had to cap it off with a lil late night fishing!

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My guys. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

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About this summer... I contacted my guy Ryan Capretta @proactivesp immediately after losing in the playoffs and told him I'm on a mission this year to be the best. I wanted him to challenge me and push me harder than I've ever been pushed before. I knew I wasn't good enough the past year and wanted to give my team more. Didn't know I was gonna be traded but what happened, happened. Now I'm faced with the same mission to be the best playing along side the best and damn I'm excited about that! I got better and stronger fasho. Only time would tell. Thanks to everyone over at Proactive who also helped the kid! #ThunderUp #WhatAreYouCapableOf #PG1 #NoBrakes #TilICollapse

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Making statements ⚡️

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