Thank you NOLA for another great ASW you hosted!!! Off to get some much needed rest and prepare for the grind that's ahead!

@ygtrece 816

Great showing today youngin many more all star weekends in your future!

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Good road win fellas rest up and get ready for another battle tomorrow!! Also appreciative and blessed to make my 4th all star appearance! #godisgood #youmad #PG1s

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Great team win tonight! We're gonna figure out how to open quarters better but hell of job closing out tonight! Oh and those.. those the #lemondrops #Guwop! Shoutout @laflare1017 lol

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Safe to say.. I'm having fun!

@ygtrece 823

Love where this game has taken me in the past couple months! #bigben🇬🇧

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