Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself. Mound of chocolate banana pancakes with the “fixin’s” on the side. Two great Netflix docs for the night, that I recommend: “Drug Lords” and “The Toys That Made Us”. #SundayGluttony

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“That’s a big arm, don’t fight it” And here’s an exclusive teaser for that fun lil’ monster movie called #RAMPAGE about me and my best friend - a gigantic albino gorilla named, George. BIG MEETS BIGGER. #RAMPAGE 🦍🐺🐊

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Sitting in quiet gratitude (like a weirdo) and awe over this unprecedented #JUMANJI news. All this stuff is much bigger than me.. it’s all about you - the fans around the world. I work hard and fingers crossed, I get lucky along the way, but in the end.. none of it happens without you. THANK YOU. #JUMANJI #1MovieInTheWorld #4WeeksStraight

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Blood boilin’. Thank you @nfl and @cbstv for giving me the nod to shoot the intro to this Sunday’s AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Always a blood pumper and always fun to step back on the gridiron. Good times. Two teams enter. One goes goes home. #Greatness #PatriotsVsJags #ChampionshipSunday

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Guys you’ve made #JUMANJI is the #1 movie in the world for 3 WEEKS IN A ROW. Insanely rare. THANK YOU. Never in my wildest of wild dreams did I ever expect this Jumanji phenomenon. Just put in the hard work and hope I get lucky along the way. If you haven’t seen it, go enjoy it this weekend with your families and enjoy the phenomenon. And you’ll really enjoy me throwing Kevin to the rhinos to his death. #JUMANJI 🌎

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Shooting a scene in Malibu for #Ballers and the smiling lady I have my arm around, unknowingly walked right thru my scene trying to take a picture of me. 😂🤙🏾 She was embarrassed so after the scene, I walked across the street and took a proper picture with her and her girls. I also charged these ladies .50 cents a piece for this selfie. Hey my love ain’t free. ❤️ A good day with some great fans. Thank you ladies for being so cool. #OnSet #Ballers #Malibu

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Best part about this footage from my @underarmour #ProjectRock shoot is how cautious the camera men are as they approach me. Smart men. Truth is, I treat my @underarmour shoots like I treat my actual real workouts. I’ll train hard, don’t disturb me and kindly stay the f*ck outta my way. Or you become my lunch. Women and children are exempt. Actually, women get eaten too. In a chivalrous kinda way. #ChaseGreatnessCollection Spring & Summer 2018

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Love these shots of me and my good buddy Jackson Slater - the only one I’ll stop the entire photo shoot for to take selfies 😉. Son of @bslater9 & @travelkara8. He asked me, “Rock when I become an adult can I come and workout in your gym?” I said, “Absolutely Jackie, when you become an adult you BETTER workout here” When he smiled huge it was game over for me. That smile is what it’s all about. Alright, the big, brown, tattooed Willy Wonka’s gotta get back to work. #ProjectRock #UnderArmour #ChaseGreatnessCollection #PhotoShoot #WestCoastIronParadise 💪🏾

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Good ‘calm before the storm’ chat w/ my strength and conditioning coach @daverienzi about the storm that lay ahead of us for the day. Double workout session for our new #ProjectRock @underarmour collection this spring and summer called CHASE GREATNESS. This shot is deceiving since there’s about 25 production crew members off to the side ready to shoot. But everyone waits til Uncle Rock’s pre workout geek juice kicks in 🤓💪🏾

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