Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto Rabbit kitten – This is a very straightforward image of a rabbit kitten but it does nevertheless demonstrate the kind of effect that you can create by shooting at a subjects eye level. By shooting with my camera effectively resting on the ground it has the effect of making the background much more distant and therefore much easier to throw completely out-of-focus. Had I photographed this from a sitting position then not only would it have made it that much more likely that the rabbit wouldn’t have emerged from its warren but the more elevated viewpoint, the downward shooting position would have made the backdrop to the rabbit a lot closer and therefore that much more difficult to throw out-of-focus. As the backdrop offered little interest to the finished image I thought it best to simply exclude it, drawing out of it the only useful attribute and that is the rich, green colour. Of course these super clean backgrounds are not everybody’s cup of tea, nor mine to be honest, and they can feel a little one-dimensional but it’s always important to remember the potential end use for images such as these. These kind of images are ideal for front covers as the clean setting is ideal for text and headline banners whilst all of the viewers’ attention is focussed solely on the rabbit kitten. In these situations the one thing that I always remember is that, if the backdrop adds something to the final image then try to include it but if it adds nothing, or even detracts then exclude it as much as possible. Please #followme at @andyparkinsonphoto to keep up-to-date with my images @andyparkinsonphoto @natgeo @thephotosociety #rabbit #rabbitkitten #phototips #ethicsbeforeimages #nature #naturelovers #wildlifephotography #wild_animalsgram #animalonearth #wildlifeaddicts_ #animal_beauty #nature_brilliance #national.animals #exclusive_wildlife

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Photo by Stephanie Sinclair @stephsinclairpix @tooyoungtowed // Obstetric fistula survivor Kadiatu, 15, reacts to being able to walk safely and independently with the use of splints on her feet. She was participating in "Fistula Camp" at the Aberdeen Women's Center in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Obstetric fistula is one of the most devastating and serious childbirth injuries and is the result of extreme pressure and tissue damage during prolonged or obstructed labor. When the fetus cannot fit through the young mother’s pelvis due to her small stature stature, and if a Caesarean section delivery is not available to end the ordeal, the baby is usually stillborn and a fistula — or abnormal opening between the vagina and rectum or bladder — forms, resulting in severe incontinence. In many cases, like Kadiatu’s, girls can also experience peroneal nerve injury, resulting in leg weakness, foot drop and difficulty in walking. The women and girls who attended the Fistula Camp underwent surgeries to repair their fistulas, treat their decreased mobility, and improve their self-esteem. This image is part of a 175-image exhibition titled “Too Young to Wed,” which is the inaugural exhibition at the new L’Arche du Photojournalisme, atop at the prestigious Grand Arche de la Defense in Paris. Many of the images were made #onassignment for @natgeo, including this one. The show ends tomorrow, Sunday, Sept. 24, and is complete with educational information about the dangers of #childmarriage and the efforts underway around the world to end the practice – including our work at our nonprofit organization of the same name, @TooYoungToWed. For more information about the exhibition please visit the link to my blog listed in my bio @stephsinclairpix . #endchildmarriage #fistula #tooyoungtowed #sierraleone #photojournalism #girls #education #letgirlslearn

Photo by @rezaphotography #Dreaming of peace // In 1986, riots erupted in the slums of Cape Town. The revolt of “colored people,” meaning all who were not white, escalated to its height. Mandela, the charismatic black leader, had been in prison for over two decades. Protest marches were organized in South Africa and throughout the world, demanding his release. Undoubtedly, the Apartheid government could not hold out much longer. But, for the moment, misery and anger were everywhere. I was not supposed to be taking photographs, but rather, hunting elephants... that was on my visa. One did not announce oneself as a journalist, for risk of having the door slammed in your face. Fortunately, during moments of tension with the police, the people banded together to protect me. It was thus that, at one point, I found myself amongst some workers, building a brick wall, after having hidden my cameras. My complexion allowed me to blend in with the other “Coloreds” around me. One day, I saw this man who had passed out from fatigue, hunger and also drink. I was able to place him in the foreground against a white wall. Then I would have expressed only one idea – destitution. But, as I looked about, I saw this dove, and I found it more interesting to capture this dozing man who seems to be dreaming of peace. Published in "Derrière l'objectif" (Hoëbeke Publishing, 2010). #africa #capetown #man #southafrica #riots #apartheid #fight #drawing #hope #peace #InternationalDayofPeace #freedom #wall #colored #dove #bird #dream #segregation #rainbow #protest #photooftheday #photojournalism #reza #rezaphoto #rezadeghati #rezaphotography #rezaphotojournalist #webistan #رضادقتى # عكاس @thephotosociety

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Photo by @jasperdoest // Tristan Visser climbs back onto the SV Fantastiko (@avontuurlijkzeilen_fantastiko) after swimming in the North Sea with Karl Beerenfenger (@bytheoceanweunite). This spring, a group of scientists, artists, and environmental advocates sailed the North Sea under the flag of a Dutch NGO 'By the Ocean We Unite' in order to conduct research, raise awareness, educate and activate people, organisations and governments on plastic pollution. Today plastic pollution has become one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time. Worldwide, on average eight billion kilos of plastics end up in our oceans every year – that is 23.000 kilos every single minute(!). Those plastics – ranging from large to microscopically small – cause devastating effects on the environment, animals and possibly ourselves. Follow me @jasperdoest for more on plastic waste and sustainability or follow @bytheoceanweunite & @plasticsoupfoundation for more information. Opmerking verwijderen@thephotosociety @natgeo @natgeonl @ilcp_photographers #conservation #environment #northsea #ocean #sailboat #plastic #pollution #plasticsoup #plasticfree #marinelitter #oceanlove

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Photo: @rubensalgadoescudero // September 14, 2017: Two Rohingya women look on from their new home in Balu Khali camp, a makeshift Rohingya camp located near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. Since attacks by Rohingya fighters on Myanmar security forces in Rakhine on August 25 sparked a major military backlash more than 420,000 of Myanmar’s 1.1 million ethnic Rohingya minority have fled to Bangladesh, bringing with them stories that they say describe ethnic cleansing. Despite the international community condemning the atrocities being committed, no real action has taken place to help the Rohingya population. #rohingya #muslim #injustice #myanmar #camp #respect #photography #portrait

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Photo by @migeophoto // Edinburgh is a city where the old lady at the tourism office asks you to stop back in before flying home. In the center, there are two ancient volcanoes that rise above the surrounding streets. One is the home of Edinburgh Castle, and the other is a park with spectacular views from Arthur’s Seat. Every evening, there is a pilgrimage from all sides as people gather on this natural promenade for sunset. The 360-degree access elevates the Seat into a holy space. By 7pm, as people arrive from all directions, it feels like a sacrifice is imminent. // #scotland #edinburgh #arthursseat

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Photo by @jodicobbphoto // Flying in to Jackson Hole, WY can sometimes be a dicey experience, skirting the Grand Tetons. On my way there now for the Photography at the Summit Workshop-- and hoping for a smooth landing! Apparently it's snowing there now. It's an incredibly beautiful place for a workshop, with a great staff and faculty. #photographyatthesummit

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Photo by @ljohnphoto // This is a photo of the hands of Daw Thein Yee, 50, who struggled for years to make ends meet and with the help of a WORTH group (women's micro loan group) she started a business selling a local bean snack. She has such great working hands and the money she is holding is part of her profits. This photo was shot in Tha Yet Kan Village in Myanmar where we are working with PACT. @sonyalpha @rippleeffectimages @Natgeo @natgeocreative #sponsored #A7Sii #myanmar

Photo by @williamalbertallard // Taken in 2015 Café Republique is my place for breakfast when I'm in Paris and lucky enough to get a room at my favorite two-star Hotel Paris France, in the 3rd ARR. I make my place at the café into a studio each morning, deciding where to sit, inside or out, looking at passerby or looking through the windows as I am here, taking in what's going on with reflections of reality. This is one of the large, leading pictures in my new book, Paris: Eye of the Flaneur. @thephotosociety @natgeo #paris #parís #parisbreakfast #parisphoto #cafe #3rdarrondissement #studio #streetphotography #pariseyeoftheflaneur #parisstreet #france #parisisalwaysagoodidea #leica

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