Pigeon's favorite pastime is doing her best @theonlyalaska5000 impersonations. Move over girl, you got competition. America's next dog superstar

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Tomorrow night! Special guest celebrity stylist Hector Pocasangre @justhectorla hosted by @ms_mahlae Wanna know what goes on behind the scenes? Come ask us at the Q&A during the finale viewing


I always feel like...somebody's watching me 🎼

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What an amazing weekend! Lotsa work and lotsa fun with some of my favorite people ❤️ don't miss the finale episode of RuPaul's Drag Race to see it all in action!

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Wishing the best birthday ever to @theonlydetox I don't have words to describe the impact this human has on my life daily. Thank you for always being the other mom with me and for constantly being my soul bae, and for everything else that you already know you do without any hesitation. I love you like whoa ❤️ also get back here soon cuz I want a hot toddy and you make em best

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San Francisco Next Saturday! Get your tickets at

My friend @snakechurch just realeased a new collection and there's some super cute stuff! Get it while you can!!!