Today I seen an old woman lay on the pavement bleeding because she got dizzy, fell over and hit her head. After putting on a brave face whilst reassuring her everything was going to be ok for the half an hour it took for the ambulance to arrive I shed a tear because I knew there was nothing more i could do to help. 😓 We are young and strong let's love and protect our elders and pray the next generation do the same for us when we get old... 🙏🏾💙

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Hopped out wearing a Baby Blue ting to match my Tns... 👶🏾🔵

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I will ride into your village on horse back, 5000 soldiers in my fleet... 👑⚜️

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Stood ere in my Triple Platinum 97's Gassed because the Ep drops at midnight!! What are man sayin about the new ting tho?? 👑⚜️

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If it wasn't for my supporters i'd probably be in a bad place right now, but thanks to you lot i'm stood in the mountains like a young Pablo Escobar... ⛰⛰

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