Just gonna leave this right here 👀. My wife @ayeshacurry is the newest member of the #covergirl team and I couldn’t be more proud of her! Keep pushing the envelope, inspiring women all over the world with the gifts God had given you and busting through all type of levels we couldn’t even have dreamed of. Love you! That’s Riley and Ryan’s momma 😍

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I'm nice with the right foot though...thanks to @chelseafc for having me at Stamford Bridge today. ⚽️

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#29 Years strong! Thank you for being an example through the ⬆️and⬇️. Love you!

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We making memories! (📸 nobody but that tree and the timer!)

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Seeing the world with you is everything...I 👀 you 🇫🇷!

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Hyped The Players Technology Summit is finally here - thanks to @Bloomberg and everyone that made it happen

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