SERVICE • PHILOSOPY More than service with a smile, our wonderful team intuit guest needs before they are even thought of. Restaurant Manager Sahil perfects both attributes here. 🙂📷 @milliebrownphotos

SPA • SANCTUARY The clifftop Southern Spa hovers between earth, sea and sky. Inside a warm fire sparks and the ocean soundscape induces a natural meditation. Treatments harness Kangaroo Island's own nutrient-rich botanicals to relax and rejuvenate. It's a cocoon you won't want to leave. 📷 @truant_travel


SIZE • MATTERS Lodge guide, Michael, stands among the granite clusters of the famed Remarkable Rocks. Some are house-sized while others sit loosely on the main dome. His lone, contemplative figure lends a sense of perspective to the scale of the formation. 📷 @milliebrownphotos


PAINTED • BY • THE • OCEAN Lose yourself in the mesmerising swirls of the Southern Ocean... Signed prints of the beautiful coastal scene are available from talented wanderlust-creative - @vincent.rommelaere - take a moment to see the world through his eyes. 💙

CUTE • ALERT G'day! The locals at Seal Bay are so flippin' friendly. This fella, let's call him 'Greg', even nibbles toes! 📷@poppygitsham

NATURAL • 'SEALECTION' Not to be confused with the Australian sea lions down the coast at Seal Bay, these sun-baking pups are New Zealand fur seals. Also not to be outdone on their spectacular surrounds, these guys call the incredible grotto of Admirals Arch home.

WILDERNESS • FOUND Everywhere are views, from the sunrises of the guestrooms to the enormous coastal panoramas in the Great Room and the calm cameos from the hedonistic spa. Everything here revolves around nature and the landscape. 🌿

SCULPTURE • PARK The Remarkable Rocks is an open-air gallery of natural artworks that you can touch, lean against, play among and even climb. Chiseled by the elements, the dramatic granite outcrop is a KI must-see!

SPLASH • DANCE So magnificent to see two Southern Rights having a whale of a time as they pause on their migration to check out the lodge! 🐋

ZEN • ZONE Light-flooded and sparsely furnished, the Great Room's upper lounge is a space in which to commune, congregate and generally chill-out.

BACK • YARD Kangaroo Island is Australia's third largest outlier, covering a landmass roughly the size of Long Island, N.Y. It's where the wild things are, a zoo without fences and it's just a quick hop from the South Australian mainland. Come and discover our beautiful back-yard!

FAR • FLUNG Utter isolation may be the lodge's biggest drawcard - enough to restore even the most committed urbanite to Mother Nature... The cellar stocked exclusively with South Australian wines may also assist!

T+L • TOP 50 We're thrilled to be named among @travelandleisure's Top 100 Best Hotels (ranked #47 overall) and the #1 Australian hotel in the Australia and New Zealand Resorts category! Credited as the editor of this year's list, T+L Editor in Chief @nathanlump had this to say about his experience: 'I spent my birthday at the Lodge, not doing much of anything, just soaking in the beauty of the place, enjoying the peace and quiet of it, and contemplating my good fortune.' We think that's just beaut. For more on the awards, see link in bio.

ROCKY • RIVER One of the West Ends' most popular hikes and part of the new KI Wilderness Trail, the Snake Lagoon walk meets the sea at Rocky River Cove. Treacherous by name perhaps - but beautiful by nature!