Lions having breakfast in #MasaiMara - see how the male dominates the kill even though the females brought it down. This is the famous Ridge Pride - Blackie and Lipstick are the two males. These are their cubs. Seeing them feeding is better than usual sightings (sleeping), but watch to the end for a cute surprise. @makeitkenya @kenyawildlifeservice @paulobuna @truthslinger @kirstenalana @magicalkenya @andykahumbu @gio_ewbank @richardhaubrich @wildlifedirect #TanguliaLodge @looseyia @tanguliamaracamp


Wild Dog! Not an everyday sighting in #MasaiMara but a fantastic one. Wild Dogs or painted wolves once common are now Africas rarest carnivore. Usually in packs of a dozen or more, they attack their prey with the ferocity of hyenas on Red Bull! Sadly sometimes they go for livestock which is why they are persecuted. This male has a mate - the rest of the band were killed some months ago by irate community after 100 sheep.were killed. Sad because it's the first sighting in the Mara for over 10 years. @makeitkenya @kenyageographic @kenyawildlifeservice @paulobuna @kenya_travel_ideas @magicalkenya #TanguliaLodge #BigCatDiaries @looseyia @tanguliamaracamp


Lions in #MasaiMara - check out my periscope feed lions be hyenas - these males caused quite a stir in the hyena den

When my son was 4 he fell in love with Kiana, they met on the Diana Beach during a sunset stroll. Their childhood was charmed, they climbed trees, scaled rocky outcrops, swam in rivers, and watched in awe as elephants took over their favorite swimming spot. Though so similar, their lives couldn't be more different - she was diagnosed and has fought #cancer since 14. It is in her facial bones and her latest operation has caused such disfigurement that her parent and friends are trying to raise the funds for reconstruction. She is only 24. If you would like to help here's the link Please share widely.#CanceeSucks

View from my house tonight - not a speck of light pollution (no it's not a power black out). I live in Nairobi , the capital of one of Africa's fastest growing cities, and my house is on the edge of the Nairobi park. This is what it sounds like. Listen to the hyenas, frogs and crickets - as modern appliances, music, planes, cars, and the constant whir of air conditioners replace natural sounds around us, I wonder how it affects our sanity. The extinction of species alters the complexity of sounds that our children grow up with, and I'm certain that must affect brain development. @truthslinger @kirstenalana @andykahumbu

Despite the intense drought and dried grass, Nairobi Parks Zebras are doing well! Like horses, they thrive on hay. Buffalos, are like cows, they need green grass - the herds are thin and weak. That's not only good news for lions - but for people too - lions won't go looking for nyum nyum outside the park for now. The vultures are also happy. I hope the rain comes soon - we don't want the rhino to suffer #BestCommuteInTheWorld #SaveNairobiPark

The Nairobi Park occupies 15% of the land area of the Nairobi County and lies south of the city hugging her like a gentle blanket. I live just south of the park on the edge of the Mbagathi river, whose name says she will never dry. On my way home tonight I just saw towers of giraffe, hundreds of buffalo, impala, zebra, and graceful gazelles. Today I also saw a newborn black rhino following her mother as she grazed. Unlike the adults, babies are frisky, quick, cute, and huggable. But it's the sunsets that always take my breath away. As I sit watching the light dim, the spectacle just gets better and better. I think I have the best commute in the world!