Kenyan kids rollerblade for elephants, Rhinos and lions during Nairobi's #GlobalMarch for ElephantsRhinosAndLions


These kids may never forget how water skaters use surface tension to walk on water. Imagine how easy and interesting science would be if we taught it out doors - we could do all our numeracy skills, study speed, light, friction, water tension, pollution, foodwebs, calculate volumes, surface areas, measure rates of water flow, or calculate distances, angles and volumes. #Education #KaruraForest #Science #STEM


An 18 year olds Vision Board. One of the things that I love doing with young people is visioning - this drawing was the conclusion by a young man named Marco who took 24 minutes and 1 second exactly to define his vision - he recorded the time it took because time is so important to him- it must not be wasted. He will be a CEO of social enterprise that empowers people and saves the environment - and he will become famous - hence Future Marco becomes a TV celebrity. Such a clear vision, translates into natural focus on studying hard to get into a top university, networking and innovating. The clarity of young people today inspires me.

Give a girl a telescope and she will show you the universe - Susanna Murabana runs Kenyas @thetravellingtelescope with her cute partner Chu - transforming kids and communities one school at a time

Burn baby burn - Rhino horn bonfire at Dvur Kravlove zoo Czech Republic this afternoon sends a message to South Africa and users of horn - #BurnHornSaveRhinos they've been here for 25million years - our greed could wipe them out in less than 20! Please share. Help spread the message

We picked up the T- shirts for the #BurnHornSaveRhinos day today - if you care about rhinos please send a special message today to all your friends thanking Dvůr Králové Zoo in #CzechRepublic or to Vietnam telling them that eating rhino horn to cure disease does not work but has already wiped the Western Black rhino and reduced the Northern White Rhino to 5 individuals - they are now on the brink of extinction. #StopRhinoHornTrade #SaveRhinos

Prague, one day ahead of the momentous Rhino Horn Burn - like the day before we burned 105 tons of ivory in Kenya, it's raining! Tears for murdered rhinos or is this an African blessing? Rhinos are being slaughtered in parks, sanctuaries and even zoos, and horns are being stolen from hunters, collectors, museums and galleries to feed the diabolical nonsensical trade in horn which is believed by ignorant people to cure diseases, prevent diseases - oh yeah, and stop that pounding hangover headache. It doesn't work but users in Vietnam & China don't seem to care. South African Rhino breeder John Hume is making things worse through public auctions of rhino horn. So the Dvůr Králové Zoo is sending a message - by burning millions of dollars with of rhino horn.#LongLiveSudan the last remaining male Northern White Rhino,