On pins and needles as anticipation grows for the new park brochure. #upperleftusa #upperleft #pnwwonderland #pnw #npwest #Repost @nationalparkmaps (@get_repost) ・・・ Work in progress Wednesday – this 3D oblique map shows the Highway 20 corridor in Washington state as it traverses the Ross Lake National Recreation Area in the North Cascades National Park Service Complex. The #map, shown here without labels, uses natural colors to represent the forested valleys and icy peaks. This map is currently being developed at Harpers Ferry Center in collaboration with park staff as part of a new brochure for the park. #nationalparkmaps #nationalpark #northcascades #maps #FindYourPark

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A day in the life... Field notes from the park geologist on a recent trip to Noisy Glacier, "On Sunday evening about 8 pm we were on Noisy Glacier and witnessed a remarkable event - the coming to the surface of literally millions of ice worms to feed on pollen and algae in the fading sunlight. I did a square meter count and reached ~800 worms. Extrapolated to the entire glacier surface there were about 400 million worms at the surface of Noisy Glacier. Not sure if is reasonable to extrapolate further, but if all the glaciers at NOCA (North Cascades) had this many ice worms, the total population in the park would be on the order of 75 billion...." Later small birds, possibly a finch species, were seen feeding on unsuspecting worms. Photos by Bill Baccus #FindYourPark #NPWest

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A pilot program for backcountry permit reservations will begin March 15, 2017 for popular backcountry areas within North Cascades National Park Service Complex. Backcountry visitation has increased over the past several years and permits have become difficult to obtain in certain areas of the park. For more information and full permit reservation details visit, Photo courtesy of Andy Porter Photography © . . . . . #findyourpark #usinterior #npwest #camp #hike #climb

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Heads up climbers, backpackers, and Ross Lake paddlers! North Cascades National Park Service Complex is working hard to debut a pilot program for reserving some of the most popular areas of the park, as early as next summer! Details are still being worked out, and will be made available as soon as they are known. For more information and updates later this winter visit, Photo: R. Seifried - Ross Lake . . . . . #nps #northcascades #npwest #pnw #hike #backpack #camp #climb

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