That thin silver line in the bottom right hand corner of the photo is the Going to the Sun road in Glacier National Park.

I've spent a lot of time in the outdoors and what has me coming back again and again isn't seen but felt. There is something out there. Something that I have a hard time describing but it is a power that heals, gives peace and just seems to put everything in my life in order. Although my daughter is far too young to remember these experiences, now is a critical time for growth and development and I can't think of anything else more important to give her. #LiveYourAdventure #EBContributor @eddiebauer

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Why do you follow my account? (Finally a short caption πŸ˜…!) I'd love to know what you think as it will help me continue to make it worth your time.

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Money comes from Time spent working. Time is a measurement of Life. When we spend Money, we are spending hours of our Lives. The lifestyle that I live would have never been possible if I had decided to spend my Life buying unnecessary "Things". Less "Things"= More Life to spend on experiences. I am happy to answer further questions but that is the unglamorous hard truth of "how I can afford the life that I live?". Far too many people think it is because I am a photographer and because I have sponsors and blah blah blah but it's not. I'm almost 33 years old. I've been doing photography full time for 10 months and never made a dime with photography/sponsored until 2 years ago, and it wasn't much. I've been doing epic adventures long before sponsors and photography was a thing. For example, this photo was taken in 2012. My current job does contribute to my lifestyle but It is only possible because years of making life decisions based on the "less is more concept"

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Above the lights of the cities there are the lights of the heavens. It is under these lights that I can clearly see what is important, so that when I return to the cities I won't get lost. This photo was taken this past Saturday night while camping in the North Cascades of Washington with @scott_kranz (photographed) and my Now 5 month old daughter Zoey who was sleeping in the tent. #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor @eddiebauer

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I was recently asked the question, "what is my Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) moment in the outdoors?" To answer that question my mind raced over countless mountain summits, down cascading vallies, across glacial lakes and through deep narrow canyons and I've come to realize that my GOAT moments alway involved friends and family. At the forefront of those memories was my third date with @rebornbyadventure who is now my wife. We lived in Utah at the time and met on the app Tinder. After 2 previous dates, I knew I liked her well enough but climbing and adventure was a big part of my life so naturally, πŸ€— I had a climb in mind that she needed to complete to show me what she was made of. (Lol. Kind of a funny thought now that Im thinking about it but that how it was) Anyways... the climb was in the Utah desert near Moab, so we drove out there and camped the night before. That night we had tin foil dinners cooked in the fire and watch a movie under the stars using a small portable projector and a bed sheet hung on a tree. It was a excellent night but the next day was the real test. We awoke early and headed out to the Fisher Chimneys to climb the tower "Ancient Art". It was the first time she had ever been on a multi pitch climb. In other words it was the first time she had ever been more that a rope length above the ground and this climb particularly specializes in exposure. After climbing up several hundred feet above the ground the final bit of climbing (pictured) follows a narrow walk way that leads to a corkscrew like desert tower made of sandstone. After climbing it myself and attaching the rope to the top of the tower for the belay it was her turn. With the grace of a cat, she carefully made her way across the walk way, the. crawl under the feature called the "camels head" and slowly made her way up the tower. There were several moves that took her a while to figure out and but she eventually reached the top and got bonus points for having the courage to stand on the top. I love the outdoors. I love experiencing things for myself but perhaps I love sharing it with others even more. #ChaseyourGOAT Go to @backcountry and Share your #GOATworthy moment.

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My favorite time to be in the Yosemite Valley is during Autumn. The crowds are few and the colors are fantastic.

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This weather wasn't exactly what we had in mind when we went to Canada last month. For two days we huddled around the campfire while waiting out the storm. On the first day the storm pasted, we grabbed our things and backpacked into Floe Lake. Although my footwear wasn't sufficient to keep my feet warm and dry, at least I had the perfect jacket. For the past month I've been testing the New @eddiebauer EverTherm Down Jacket that uses an innovative down fabric and it was perfect for all the different seasons and temperatures that we experienced. . πŸ™‹@rebornbyadventure #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor

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Fall in the Canadian Rockies is my favorite time up there. On our recent trip we spent 2 1/2 weeks there and experienced a lot of beautiful places but I am a little sad I didn't make it back here to Mount Assiniboine again. Definitely one of my favorite places in the Rockies. Do you have a favorite place in the Canadian Rockies?

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When the northern lights began to pulse in the sky from all directions, we ( my dad and I ) laid down on the ground and watched the show above. With my shutter set at 1 second, I took this photo of what we saw. I've never seen anything like it and it won't be the last time. Now more then ever I want to witness a show like this again and I will be watching the sky's for them.

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Roads lined with gold. I enjoy going on road trips during a the Fall 🍁and the Canadian Rockies are my favorite place to take a road trip. Join Me: Come March 2018 I'll be going with Chimu Adventures for a once in a lifetime 18 day cruise to and around Antarctica πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ά. Follow the link in my bio for details and message me if your interested in coming.

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Whenever I feel that my life is missing something, 99% of the time is the just the opposite. I have too much. Too many things, too many distractions. Whenever I go camping I am reminded of this. I am remind of how beautiful life is when I have only what I need and I spend quality uninterrupted time with those that I love. I don't know if my daughter will love camping when she is older but I hope that she learns this lesson. This lesson is probably the single most important lesson I've learned in my life and it has let me live life free of the misconstrued idea that we need more to be happy. #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor @eddiebauer

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