I'm currently traveling through the mountains with around 10 seconds of Internet a day - although this photo isn't new, the views I have now are just as spectacular :)


I want to go back to the Geirangerfjord in Norway and take a dive into the fjord! πŸ™

@maxrivephotography 1117

Setting Sun in Patagonia – link in bio for the 2018 Photo Tour 😎


Sunset from one of the many amazing campsites during the Greenland Tour - few spots left due some cancellations (link in bio)

One spot just came free for the upcoming Norway hiking Tour this summer: midnight sun, snowcaves, high mountain views and bonfires :) This is the last time I will guide this incredible adventure with @arildheitmannphotography so don't miss it (link in bio)

The mighty Cerro Torre during the Patagonia tour (link in bio). Some technical info for all us photography nerds (like me): 58mm, 1/5 sec, f13, iso 50 and no tripod used.

Stormy weather in Torres del Paine National Park - Link in bio for last Patagonia 2018 Tour spots ✍️

Someone just asked me if the views from our apartments will be any good during the Lofoten Tour - well, judge it yourself ☺️