The snow is finally back in the mountains. Looking forward to more days like this.

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Working hard on a micro documentary from our paddle trip from Ramberg to Værøy in Lofoten. Can't wait to share the finished results ☺ anybody know which beach this is?

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Buying a campervan is one of the best investments we ever made. They can fit a lot of equipment, and function as a bedroom with an ever changing view.

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The advantages of not following the trail? Getting to new exciting viewpoints all alone. Anybody else been visiting this view lately?

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I have been to several places that looks more majestic in photos than in real life. Preikestolen (pulpit rock) is not on that list.

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It doesn't get much better than camping with friends during the midnight sun in amazing surroundings. We just updated our guide on Lofoten. Check link to our blog in the bio.

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A few weeks ago we went hiking in Stølsheimen. After a 1000 meters climb we arrived at one of DNT's huts. Spending the night there was truly magnificent as there is almost no light pollution, thus the stars really shine.

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Standing on this edge is really spectacular as it is a 500 meters almost straight drop-down. It's been a hectic few week, and not a lot of pictures. Finally getting to go through the pictures from the summer. Lots more coming.

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We had such a wonderfull time paddling from Ramberg to Værøy. Along the western coast of Lofoten we found lots of big and small beaches surrounded by mountains. Almost no people around. We recorded several hours of video which will be made into a micro documentary. Can't wait to show you guys 😊

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The north-west coast of Senja might be the best place to hike mountains in Norway. The area is packed with tall peaks rising straight up from the mountains, and during the summer you can hike during the night as well.

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Geiranger is getting increasingly more popular to visit, and lots of people are traveling from far away to see this spectacular fjord. Read our guide on Trails Of Norway to get tips on activities and places to see. Link in bio. Thanks to @eldribs for pressing the shutter while I enjoyed the view from Flydalsjuvet.

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I always think you get the most beautiful sunsets after a storm. Taken last night in the tent after some rough days in Lofofen.

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Part of living outside is dealing with bad weather. Today it has been raining sideways and the clouds are covering the mountains. Then it's nice to have the opportunity to put on a wetsuit and dive down in the ocean where the rain and wind dosen't matter.

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Back in Lofoten after a few days in Senja. Only got two weeks left in Northern Norway before heading south. Hope to make them count!

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I often know from the numbers of shots left on my memory card, if it was a great hike or not. Some places are just so wonderfull that I can't put my camera down. Like this hike to Husfjellet in Senja.

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Most of my photographs are taken in the "golden hour". One hour before sunset and one hour after sunrise. By staying in Northern Norway during the summer you have almost 4-5 hours of this light.

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Freecamping in Northern Norway... One of the greatest pleasures of traveling.

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@karischibevaag loves to find new places to kite in Lofofen. Here is a midnight shot of Kari getting ready to kite at Kvalvika. Movie coming out in the next few months. Been kiting a lot the last few days, learning how to ride on the water. It's been a steep learning curve, both frustrating and really really fun. The feeling of getting wind in you kite, flying over the water while enjoying the mountains of Lofoten is truly indescribable. It is something you should go out and try for yourself.

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