My little Figgy Newton is getting neutered today. I know it's going to be fine, but I always get so nervous when any of the animals go under anesthesia. πŸ’”He'll also be getting casted for his prosthetic today while he's under. Casting is the first step in having his custom prosthetic made! Once we cast we can send the appropriate measurements out and we should have a brand new foot before Christmas. (P.s. Fig's little vest helps with his anxiety, much like a thunder shirt or a weighted blanket) πŸ‘‰πŸΌ For more information about Fig, click here #FigtheFoxx

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Do you ever do things that are super extra, just to annoy your siblings? That's Juniper every day.

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β€œWarning: Extremely Graphic” This isn't something I would normally post. I like our page to be lighthearted, but this hurt me to see. βž– This video is of fur farms in other countries and while fur farms in the US are held to different standards and are slightly more "humane" it is still heart wrenching. I still get questions from people asking what a fur farm is, this is your answer. βž– If you see fur in retail. Remember that fur was mass produced. βž– Video and quote by: @animalhopeandwellness . "On my last trip, I went undercover into fur farms in both Finland and China. At some of these places, there were over 50,000 foxes that were held captive. . The fur industry, it is fueled by only one thing - fashion designers, and the people who buy their clothing. These foxes, they are born in a cage, and spend their entire lives never knowing freedom. . Before they are skinned, they are electrocuted. The process - foxes are supposed to be dead before their fur is taken, but many times they are not. While graphic, this video represents the truth behind the fur people wear. The scarves, the collar trim, coats and sweaters. . After they are processed, most times the carcass is discarded. In China as well as Finland, fox meat is worth almost nothing. At two of the places we went to, they fed dead foxes to other foxes. At another, sold the meat to Koreans who used it in BBQ restaurants. . People ask how they can help - boycott the companies and designers that use fur. It is the consumer, and the fashion label itself that keeps these farms from closing. Just because you did not skin the fox yourself, does not wash your hands of their death. . (This video was taken undercover at a series of fur farms in China. The fox screaming at the end being skinned, was at a farm in Heibei. Most of the fur from this farm, is exported to the United States. . The day we were there, they killed thousands of foxes in a single hour.)"

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Juniper likes to come inside right before lunch and give me quick briefings on her day. Seems like today has been mildly annoying and there hasn't been an adequate supply of treats, but otherwise πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ #DailyReport

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This is an animal many of you may have never seen before. This is a uroplatus fimbriatus, or commonly known as a giant leaf tail-tailed gecko. 🌱 This amazing little guy came to us in really bad shape. If you scroll through the photos you can see he has severe damage to his tail and his neck. Over all he's really not doing well. We're currently on our way to the vet with him right now. Crossing our fingers that he pulls through, recovers, and has the best life he can with us. 🌱 #uroplatusfimbriatus #WildlifeB&B

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The quick red fox beats up the lazy brown dog πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

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Fig loves to "play" hide and seek with Juniper. The catch is Juniper isn't playing. She's just hiding. From him. Always. πŸ˜‚

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As requested here is a video of Fig's back feet. He only has five toes in total on his back legs. If you are new here Fig suffered a lot of tissue damage when he was young and lived in a fur farm. The only part that remains on his front right paw is his dewclaw (this is the tiny thumb like claw you may see halfway up your dogs leg) 🌱 His favorite food is still sugar snap peas. They're also my favorite to give him because, well, how cute are those sugar smacks. 🌱 *For more information on Fig and his upcoming prosthetic click here πŸ‘‰πŸΌ #FigtheFoxx

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It doesn't matter to Chewy or Fig that they were born to be enemies. They know nothing but love from each other, and the only fighting here is the kind between brothers ❀️ #TheFoxAndTheHound @bestfriend_chewy

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"There's only one thing I love more than breakfast....LUNCH" πŸ•

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Look at these two cuddling cuties. These days Juniper and Moose both prefer sleeping in the livingroom on our new pet proof carpet from @homedepot more than any of their doggy beds and even my bed 😱

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WHERE HAS FIG BEEN?! πŸ‘€ Lately I've been getting floods of comments and DM's asking about Fig. "Where is Fig?" "Why don't we see Juniper and Fig together anymore?". I have posted about Fig a few times in the last few months, but it may have been missed because.. he's not a baby anymore 😭, in fact, he's bigger than Juniper now. And check out that coat?! I was told he was a fire an ice morph when I adopted him, but he has turned much more orange than expected. So, while I have been posting Fig he may have been mistaken for Juniper! πŸ‘€ This time of the year red foxes begin to experience hormone changes. This is also the time of year when parents will begin to stop treating their now "adult" youngsters from the previous spring like babies. Juniper and Fig are currently working through these hormones and I will make a more detailed post on that later next week! This transition is why they haven't been posted together very often (and because they never sit still together). πŸ‘€ As for Fig's new foot, that is still in the works. Our vet advised waiting a few more months since he is still rapidly growing, he will be casted for his prosthetic while he is under anesthesia when getting neutered in just a few weeks! πŸ‘€ If you have a question you'd like answered in our next posts. Comment below! For more information on red foxes visit our website or check out our hashtag #livingwithjuni #FigtheFoxx

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