Red foxes are one of the few species that will adopt babies that aren't their own. Even in the wild red foxes are known to care for orphaned young foxes. Juniper takes caring for Fig seriously and always makes sure he has a full belly. #MamaJuni

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Juniper, Fig and I are spending the day packing up the paintings you have all purchased! Shedding season is in full effect for Juniper and some of you are going to be getting a little extra "toe fluff" on your paintings. (See photo two) 💕 For the first time in a couple of months we have relisted all paintings in the shop. If you have been waiting to purchase a painting made by Juniper, now is your chance. You can find them at the website listed in our bio 👉🏼 💕 (Please remember to be mindful of shipping times as we never force Juniper to paint.) #pablopifoxso

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Every morning Juniper patiently waits by the door to go outside. Today we had visitors and she's pretty confused why they haven't come upstairs to say hello to her yet!

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Someone JUST learned how to do stairs. He's been going up and down for the last thirty minutes. I guess he's pretty proud of himself. 🤓 #FigTheFoxx

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Fig Update: I don't know if you guys have noticed, but Fig is huge! At only 3 months old he's already nearly the size of Juniper. I think he may end up being a pretty big boy when he's fully grown. 🌰 Recently I've started hand feeding him all of his meals, this has helped tremendously with his timidness. He will now run up to me when he sees me, instead of running and hiding. He still isn't keen on being pet, the only time he is really affectionate is late in the night when the house is completely silent. We had a huge break through with him a few nights ago. Instead of begrudgingly letting me pet him, he actually laid down completely content while I stroked his side. 🌰 A lot of you asked where Fig was in many of the videos I've posted recently. He currently spends the majority of his day sleeping under Juniper's yellow chair. That is his kingdom and he almost rarely leaves that throne until he's ready to party on my bed at 1:30 every night. 🌰 For all of Figs updates click here 👉🏼 #FigTheFoxx

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"Why does Juniper's butt look weird?" "How do you groom her?" 🌵 You guys, Juniper has been excessively shedding for months now. Red foxes grow thick winter coats and instead of shedding all year like most animals they shed their entire coat over the course of a few months in the spring and summer. 🌵 Juniper almost never gets baths, her coat is extremely silky most of the year and dirt seems to just slide right off. She also does a great job of keeping herself clean, but in the summer she needs a little help with that back end... 🍑 Currently she's brushed at least twice a day, and we have to vacuum the carpets twice a day as well! The fur is never ending around here. 🌵 If you have a question you want answered comment below 👇🏼 for all of our informational posts click here 👉🏼 #livingwithjuni .

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When "outside" is life 😱 (Volume necessary for full enjoyment)

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🌿Q & A🌿 If you're new to this page this is just a general post we make every so often just to go over some information. Please remember that foxes are inherently wild mannered and while they do portray characteristics similar to cats and dogs, they are still a fox. So, to answer some of your most common questions 👇🏼 🌿 Foxes smell horrible. You can smell Juniper the moment you pull into my drive way. Their urine and feces smell like skunk mixed with ammonia. There is no way to “de-scent” a fox. 🌿 Foxes can't just be kept in your back yard. Or in your home. They need their own space to be able to do fox stuff. They're avid diggers and will most likely destroy your flooring at some point or another. They can easily dig under any fence or climb over it. 🌿 Foxes need a special diet and must be fed some raw meats and bone content. They also need taurine, or they can go blind, suffer from seizures, and even die. Simply giving them dog or cat food will not do. 🌿 Foxes are illegal to own in many areas. Just because they are legal in your state, does not mean the same is true for your city. Legality depends on permit regulations. You do need a permit. 🌿 Foxes pee on things they think is theirs. This is a marking behavior and nearly impossible to break them of and remember their pee stinks. So having a fox means having almost everything you own smell awful. 🌿 
Foxes are easily stressed by new situations and people. They usually bond to one person and find exposure to new people and loud noises to be frightening. 🌿 Foxes do not always get along with dogs, and in fact, most dogs are pretty likely to hate them. 🌿 Foxes naturally guard their resources, this means they are prone to biting when you're near something they find valuable and don't want you to take. 🌿 We love Juniper and Fig dearly and while there are just as many upsides to them living with us (they're obviously adorable) it's important to remember they are foxes, not dogs and to respect them as such. 🌿 If you have a question you want answered be sure to comment and let us know. For detailed information on any of the above topics please read though our posts listed here 👉🏼 #livingwithjuni .

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