Happy Birthday to my favorite SuperHero King! Enjoy your day nephew.

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🎈🎉Happy Birthday to my niece Lauryn! Wishing you all the joy in the world on your special day!🎈🎉

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This one hit home , My little brother , My Rookie , My Road Dawg ....You will make a major comeback I believe in you, I will make sure you do you bro !! The Real will never Lose !! #MAC9 #WallWay #5Deep #WizGang

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The boy who cried WOLF y’all in trouble now I’m off the Hook !!!! #5Deep #BYB #WallWay #WizGang !!! *@bradbeal3 prolly somewhere in the corner looking at me like this boy crazy lol let’s goooo bro !! *

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