A chocolate hot cross bun and a Crunchie bar tonight. You know I was talking to a Italian renowned physiologist today. An amazing and extremely intelligent man. He's been staying at our house for a couple of days then leaving to go to his next destination. In the two days he's been here with me I've learnt so so much, I'll forever be grateful. You have to accept yourself for who you are and learn to love that person that reflects back at you through the mirror instead of feeling like spitting on the glass. Because that is you and you can never change that. Accept that you are worth everything your a limited edition! Appreciate what you can do and stop criticising and pointing out what you can't. Accept and admit the truth. Don't play the second person game. You don't want to admit your problems, who does? Once you accept the truth you can then move forward. But you have to find the root of the problem not try and cure the symptoms because that will get you nowhere. Talking to people who have travelled the world and experienced soo much is really worth it. It changes your life for the better and give you so much more insight and perspective on things. You can't truly love someone else if you first can't love yourself. You can't truly trust someone else if you first can't trust yourself. And remember do not let it be your exterior that defines you but what's inside because like I previously said that is what REALLY counts ❤️❤️


Please atuh timer na gancang teuing.😑 jadi tt kaburu ngagaya kan😂😄 #NEDA;*


Breakfast for dinner tonight was an egg 🍳 on ✌🏼buttered toasts, grilled tomatoes 🍅 and mushrooms 🍄 and finally some fake bacon (vegetarian bacon)! ------------------------------------------ This vegetarian bacon was so weird but it actually didn't taste to bad (even though it looks like a dog treat 😂). Stayed home from school today because my IBS was really bad. Then I had my appointment and *TW: I lost weight..TW OVER*. Which was such a surprise as I've been doing really well and not counting calories or anything so it was a big shock to the fam and I. Oh well, gonna keep pushing and fighting and though anorexia is happy, I'm not, even if it is trying to make me think I am! Love you warriors and promise me to fight everyday whenever possible 💘

There's 3 years and a 40lb difference between these photos. The girl on the left was at a time in her life when she thought the only thing she could control, and her only source of self esteem, was the way her body looked. At 16 she restricted herself to 500-700 calories a day! She lost 20 lbs in 3 months, and became a twig. She thought she was happy that way, because Everyone loves skinny people. And the skinnier she was then of course, the more confident she'd feel. She was anorexic and her delusions were destroying her body. She joined the track team to help her lose more weight, but quickly found that her caloric intake would not allow her to run. Allowing herself only a few more calories, Her running improved but she still struggled through the season. After graduating she tried returning to her old ways, but her body had become accostomed to the extra calories and to her horror, she realized couldn't stop. She began eating more and more, until eventually she started to savagely binge, eating sometimes up to 1800 calories in one sitting. Rapidly She gained back all the weight and more that she lost years before. Unable to stop binging and feeling like her life revolved around food she began to hate food and her body. The girl on the right found fitness at just the right time in her life. Shes not perfect and though she's stronger and has found confidence again, theres no cure for an eating disorder ,and today, she still ocasionally struggles with her self image, and confidence but is learning to love herself day by day, meal by meal, and calorie by calorie. Life is a journey not a destination, and through fitness she's grown and become a stronger person. She's lost and gained weight on her journey and loves everything about that, because she's happier and healthier. Fitness has changed her life, and it can certainly change yours. While weight lifting has worked for me, If this person is you, and you struggle with an eating disorder seek professional help immediately. There is help and hope for you I promise. It's never to late change. Happy #motivationmonday y'all! #eatingdisorderrecovery#healthy#fitness#gym#weighttraining#confidence#strongissexy,#neda

دوستان عزيزم،در پيج خود علي رضا فراخوان داده شده اگر كسي هنر ترانه سرايي داره وتمايل به همكاري لطفا جهت ارسال از طريق پيج خود علي رضا پيگيري كنيد#manotostage2017 #manotostage #alirezasaremi #stageextra2017 #stageextraofficial # @alireza_sta

It seems like a silly thing but some days this is the only nutrition I can get. I have what I call "anxiety stomach" which makes it hard for me to eat sometimes, a lot of the time it will make me sick to my stomach. Sometimes this will last only a couple of hours but it can last days, weeks, even months. Nutrition is super important, especially when you're recovering from a mental illness. Take time and figure out what foods and routines work for you. If you have any suggestions on meals that help with anxiety stomach, please comment below, I'm always looking for new tips and trick to try. #ReasonsToLive #ItWillGetBetter #ItGetsBetter #recoveryisworthit #boost #protein #kosher #edrecovery #ocd #depression #anxiety #anxietydisorder #ptsd #panicdisorder #obsessivecompulsivedisorder #recovery #neda #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillnessawareness

Mic 🎤tap... HELLOOOO. Friends, life is so much sweeter with boobs & a butt, I tell ya. Jesus blessed us with adipose tissue (fat) to store energy, cushion, & insulate our bodies. Ipso-facto: Life without fat is hard & cold. Learn to embrace the beauty beneath the skin, beneath the cushion, beneath the bones. You are beautiful, just the way you are (thanks, @brunomars). Thank you, God - that I am worlds away from the girl on the left & learning to love the curvy girl on the right 🙌🏼🙏🏽💪🏼🔨🍑• • • • #fitness #fit #fitfam #redrocks #colorado #optoutside #freshair #wellness #beautiful #journey #faith #faithandfitness #workout #eatwell #healthy #packyourlunch #eatyourprotein #youarebeautiful #believeit #neda #present #gift #jesuslovesyou #weightloss #yogapants #hamstrings #run #yoga #sierratradingpost

. Your weight does not (and never will) determine your beauty. . How pretty is your mind? . How pretty is your heart? . How beautiful is your soul? . That's beauty. . #thebodylovetribe

برای روز تولد تو ??دو شاخه گل میخرم? یک شاخه گل طبیعی یک شاخه گل مصنوعی و روی شاخه گل مصنوعی مینویسم تا پر پر شدن این گل دوستت دارم تولدت مبارک#neda