When you have 3.5 hours to kill on a plane, and a fellow Consultant, a total powerhouse who earns a 6-figure-MONTHLY income after working her biz for only 6 years.... Well when she writes a book sharing all of her success tips..... YOU READ IT!!! 😝 One of my favorite parts about my business, I'm constantly learning, about my industry and most importantly, about ME. I still have big goals and milestones that I want to accomplish with my business. 1- I want to share these incredible products and grow my customer base. And 2- I want to help OTHERS dream bigger and go after a life they want. Help THEM make bucket lists, and then ACTUALLY check things off that #bucketlist. If this resonates with you, I want to talk to you. But I don't have ESP, you have to message me to start the conversation. 😉😂 #inspireothers #joinme #letsdoittogether #bestjobever #happyskinwithnina


I love shopping in Germany, I can actually afford it!!

That's right! Time for a new Challenge and this means YOU! . Here's the deal. If you are not 100% committed to CHANGE, go to work and live your life. When you are ready to give YOURSELF 100%, I will be here. . If YOU are: 💎Sick of the way you look ✔Act ✔Feel 💎Tired of the routine you are in 💎Ready to push yourself harder and farther then you ever have before 💎Ready to tell your FEARS AND DOUBTS to go to H$$L 💦 Message me or comment below. The time is now, this is for you; accept it and say YES!

If you're a Mama FIRST just like me, but you want to find some time to squeeze in for yourself and your health too JOIN my next support group and we can do it together!! . My next group starts July 10th! It's perfect timing for those of you who want to enjoy your 4th of July and then buckle down a little!! . We are Mama's, we have a million and one things on our to do lists, BUT we also have to take care of ourselves......because bottom line is, if we don't, who will??! . I have an amazing opportunity for us to pick exactly the right program for YOU, and then help you through your journey! It's something I am so grateful that I get to do! JOIN this next group and we will get you headed down the road you've even wanting to be on! . Included: •Access to 100's of different workout programs for an entire year streamed straight to your phone/computer/smart TV etc! • A nutrition plan tailored just for YOU! • My help and support the whole way through (and after if you want it!) •A 30 day supply of our amazing shake that is packed full of nutrients and vitamins that you can't get anywhere else! •A support group of like minded Mama's trying to stay on track and meet their goals just like YOU! . This community is like NO other I've even been a part of! JOIN us July 10th, we would LOVE to have YOU!! . PM me or just comment below with "I'm in" and I will be happy to send you more info! Can't wait to chat! #bethechange #mamassupportingothermamas #itsabeautifulthing #joinoursupportgroup #fitmomlife #30minuteworkouts #ificandoitsocanyou #letsdoittogether #stayathomemomlife #momof3 #coachlife

Good Morning, all! So, I'm going to get really REAL with you this morning. I woke up feeling "ok," so I decided to get the day started with a shower. I went into the bathroom and the dreaded scale that I've been avoiding for a while now, sat there staring at me. I needed to know... even though I already knew what it would say. I was right. I'm at my heaviest that I've ever been. It sucks. But ultimately, it's my own fault. I've never been the "thin" girl, ever in my life, nor do I necessarily want to be. I want to be healthy. I want to stay healthy. If that means I feel better about myself and more comfortable in my own skin, then it's a win, win! There will be changes that start immediately. There will be changes that take time. However, I will NOT give up. If you're struggling with something, whatever it may be, know that with persistence and the right attitude, "Beautiful Girl You Can Do Hard Things." #noexcuses #letsdoittogether #lifteachotherup

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Good morning from Maine! Apparently a fun video call with my Team was exactaly what I needed. I have been very productive this morning, up to and including Laundry. 😝 . Actually... just laundry. It is really early and I am not down for cranky teenagers. . Do your kids get like that? Better question: How many hours of sleep do your kids get each night? . Seriously. I want to know. If my kids have less then 9 hours....ohhhh boy, it gets crazy. Summer time I let them stay up until 10 and I don't even think about waking them before 7.