Frozen butterbeer at Harry Potter World, USJ

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I've read The cursed child a couple of times but it might be time to give it a re-read! How many times have you read it? Have you seen it?


Good morning! Who is your favorite person to drink #butterbeer with??? ☇☇Mine is my son. Because the look on his face each time is the best!!☇☇ . . This mug can be purchased on my shop (Link in bio) . . . Picture was taken by @kylielovesbooks if your are not following her, head over there!!


บัตเตอร์เบียร์ จงพูดกับฉันเป็นภาษาพาเซล เพราะฉันคืองูพิษ #butterbeer #harrypotter

is doing magic! ⭐ . . Current theme: aesthetics Post: George Weasley aes Next post: Sirius Black aes . . #qotp What is your favourite non-HP book? #aotp Pillars Of The Earth and World Without End by Ken Follett . . Why are you guys so inactive? I don't get so many likes and I get like zero comments? If you don't like something about my account, please tell me. Also, I was thinking about doing kinda like a house cup thingy but different than the others. I'll put all houses in my bio and every time you comment AND ADD your house, you will get points. The first comment gets 5, the second 3 and the third 1 for their house. So when commenting, add your house OR a heart in your house colour! Your comment will NOT count if it's just your house (colour) or just an emoji + your house (colour). Every last day of the month, I will post a little spam about the winner house in my story including text posts, a background pictures and other pictures. . . Comment '👀' if you read my whole text and '❣' if you want to be tagged in my next post!

Seriously she will fight you if you try and steal that wand though. Hannah and I had a long day celebrating her 23rd birthday. She had no idea where we were going until we pulled into Harry Potter World and it ruled. So fun living the dream and looking forward to many more moons with this wiz kid. #butterbeer #harrypotter #chooverginny #loljk #welldonedraco

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แค่วิธีการสั่งก็ตาลายไปหมดแล้ว 😵 ของหวานจังหวัดนี้ ต่อให้สั่งหวานน้อยแค่ไหนก็ถือว่าหวานมากสำหรับเรา 😱 มีแอร์ มีเพลงฟังชิวๆ เหมาะสำหรับหลบร้อน #toast #dessert #drinking #matcha #butterbeer #pocketcheesetoast #chiangmai #snapseed

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Hope everyone is having a great forbidden journey this weekend​! ✨

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🍺 This bad boy was ~42g of carbs. Keeping the balance between low and high blood sugar is hard on a normal day but intensified in such an overwhelming environment. Of course I still had such an amazing time at #universalstudioshollywood though! Ending the day with a bg of 136... I would call that pretty successful! Harry Potter+insulin=life. 😂❤️ #butterbeer #harrypotter #t1d #t1dlookslikeme #type1diabetes #type1diabadass #t1dlife #t1dstrong #livebeyond #diabeticlife