I've been living out in a tiny cabin just outside Vancouver. My days consist of hiking and editing in front of the fireplace, I've never been more relaxed. Recently dialled in my room with a new bed & pillows from @casper. Oh and yes, that is a bathtub in the bedroom 🛁

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"What camera and lens do you use?" One of the most common questions to slide into the DM's... I shoot with a variety of gear. For digital, I've always been happy with @canoncanada. Most recently shooting with the Canon 5Dmkiv, I love the prime lenses personally... a 35mm or 50mm are my go-to's. All of my early work was shot with one lens so it REALLY doesn't matter what you shoot with, it's better to use whatever you feel comfortable with. The rest of my kit is all film cameras, like this shot was taken on a Mamiya RZ67Proii with Kodak Portra 400 film. Just get out there and shoot with whatever you have, even if it's a cellphone. 🤙🏼

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One step at a time, my old rusty landcruiser gets better. Working towards some important upgrades so I can ship it to Europe one day for some travels. Stoked on the new roof rack system from @frontrunneroutfitters, with a couple of storage units on top for tools and straps. Next up is a new tent & a few accessories for longer trips. 🤙🏼

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💯% of print proceeds will be benefiting various BC conservation, wildlife and environmental groups, starting with @pacificsalmonfoundation. Link in bio, will be adding about 6-10 new prints this week, shipped in time for the holidays! #keepbcwild

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Spent the day up Indian Arm on an old tug boat named Ella. We explored where the mountains reach the ocean, making for a very cold day, luckily we stayed warm with a Woods winter jacket from @sportchek. Check out the link in my profile to grab your own gear! #WoodsExplorer #MyBetter #ad

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Gotta love the characters you meet on the west coast... there's a unique way of life if you leave the land and get on a boat. This guy, sold us some fresh crab 🦀 while crushing tall cans in the inlets of Tofino. #getoutthere

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Definitely coming back to this little sauna cabin hideaway soon 😍

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Pretty lucky to experience a full day of sunshine with a non-stop forecast of rain the last little while. We escaped to the hot springs to start the day off with a dip ⚡️🌋

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Today while I was shooting for @coldsmokeco in Tofino it was absolutely down pouring rain, the day was tough but this was probably the cutest thing i've ever seen. Puppy in a backpack anyone? 🐶

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