One of my favorite trees in the world, in one of my favorite places. It's hard to get a good sunset shot in Bryce because the amphitheater faces east but I was happy with what I got.

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First time I've shot anything since March. I've been busy working on my house, which has been fulfilling but being out alone in the wide open looking at the stars makes me wonder if I might be happiest if my entire life fit inside a stuff sack. #hobodrifterinthemaking

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Mesa Arch is the standard sunrise spot in Canyonlands and you definitely should experience that tourist shot show at least once, it truly is a photogenic sunrise even if you're packed in like sardines if sardines were photographers. But I decided to go with a different sunrise spot. #canyonlands #utah #moab #visitmoab #snapseekers

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I got really lucky with the weather in #banff. Days filled with interesting clouds and deep blue skies, and mostly clear, dark nights with lots of stars. Night shots will come soon. Seeing this beast of a mountain every time we left our first camp spot was quite a treat. Some things cameras can't capture very well, this mountain is one, but I tried. #canada #snapseekers