It's crazy to know that even deep into backcountry there are no predators around in New Zealand. Hiking and backpacking in US I got used to the safety rules in the bear country and knowing that even if you don't see bears they probably see and know where you are. It doesn't bother me at all. But it is weird and cool at the same time to know that even if you wonder off in the night by yourself there are no animals to harm you here in #NZ. Would you rather live in a place with no predators? #newzealand 📷@moonmountainman

If I could choose to be an animal I think that I would want to be a sheep in New Zealand. Of course, I would most likely get eaten but I would also get to enjoy green pastures, shade from perfect trees, mountain views, drink from clear rivers and streams and even cool mist from a waterfall on a hot day. I think it would be a good life 😜. But seriously New Zealand sheep are all over in the most spectacular landscapes. 🐑#newzealand #purenewzealand

This is our first time experiencing #vanlife. It is nice to have our space anywhere we park but it has been also a challenge and a learning process to live and take care of things in such a small space. Everything has its place in a van and gear has to be put away right after we come back from hiking otherwise things don't simply work and we start loosing our minds. I hope that maybe we could turn it into a habit and put our gear away immediately after our adventures even when we get back home 😜. We also have to shop for fresh produce often because it doesn't keep long with this hot weather and we don't have much space. But we still manage to eat somewhat healthy and fresh food while traveling because it's something I am not willing to compromise. Nutrition is an important part for me of staying healthy and active. So cooking on the road was a learning process too. I know there are many of you that have a LOT more experience of traveling and living in a van. I would like to hear some tips on how you keep things organized or any other useful tricks that made your van life easier. 👊🏻🚐#vanlife #lifeontheroad #newzealandroadtrip #adventurefamily 📷@moonmountainman


We have been on the road for a few weeks now here in New Zealand and I have to say that even if you don't go hiking and backpacking the driving itself offers some spectacular views. It's fun to be able to change the scenery so quickly from ocean views, to rolling green hills with farms to beautiful mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers. If you've been to New Zealand what is your favorite area/region? #newzealand

Not gonna lie that good food is a big part of my life and is often on my mind 😅.I like big breakfasts with lots of veggies and eggs and I also like breakfasts with spectacular views. But getting all those ingredients on top of mountain ridges together with other gear is not always practical. Luckily there is @goodtogofoods backcountry meals that bring together my love for food and amazing views in the backcountry. #goodtogo 📷@moonmountainman


Our little girl is seven months old today but it feels like we've known her a lifetime. In these few months we visited together many beautiful places. It's just so great to be able to share these experiences with her. She is getting heavier and moving more so we will need to learn more things and make more adjustments but we will keep getting out all together. It doesn't matter if it's mountain tops or simple car camping as long as we are out there spending some quality time. #adventurefamily #newzealand #muellerhut #purenewzealand

Visiting Lake Tekapo and seeing lupines on this trip was high on my list and it turned out as beautiful as I imagined. Mountain views, blue lake and beautiful flowers create a stunning scenery. We spent the entire day at this location and it still feels like not enough. But we have to keep moving because there is much more to see in New Zealand. It might be one of my favorites on this trip so far though. #laketekapo #lupines #newzealand 📷@moonmountainman

I am not much of an early morning person. I do like to sleep a lot 😅But those mornings that I crawled out of warm bed despite its still being chilly outside rewarded me with some cool experiences. This one was one of them when the rising sun lit low lying fog in the valley. 📷@moonmountainman #newzealand #purenewzealand