I've always been fascinated with the desert, ever since watching Lawrence of Arabia when I was a kid. •••• So I was super excited to finally go camel trekking in the Sahara! • ——————————————— #Morocco | #saharadesert | #Camels ——————————————— Adventure Travel & Photography ——————————————— 👉🏼 👈🏼

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The magic of the Northern Lights dancing over Norway. ✨ •••• Winter in the #Lofoten Islands is a perfect time to glimpse the elusive aurora borealis. Nights are long and dark here above the article circle. Nature’s psychedelic light show! • ——————————————— #LofotenIslands | #Norway | #NorthernLights ——————————————— Adventure Travel & Photography ——————————————— 👉🏼 👈🏼

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First time I ever went snowshoeing to a beach! Worth it. 👍🏼⛄️ •••• This is #Kvalvika, a hidden beach on Norway’s remote Lofoten Islands. Located above the Arctic Circle. To get here, you have to hike for about an hour. Anyone up for a swim? • ——————————————— #LofotenIslands | #Norway | #BeautifulBeaches ——————————————— Adventure Travel & Photography ——————————————— 👉🏼 👈🏼

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These are some of the cameras I use for my travel photography. @sonyalpha #A7Rii, Sony #RX100V, and a @gopro #Hero6. I also pack a GoPro Session, and a @djiglobal #MavicPro. •••• One of the most common questions I get is: what camera do you use? What camera do you recommend for traveling? Well, I just published a new blog post sharing my favorites. •••• Plus, I’m giving away a free GoPro Session (with accessories) to one lucky reader! • ——————————————— Visit my website to learn more. ——————————————— ✅ LINK IN BIO ✅ #TravelPhotography | #SonyAlpha | #GoPro ——————————————— Adventure Travel & Photography ——————————————— 👉🏼 👈🏼

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Matt vs The Volcano •••• Hawaii’s Kilauea #Volcano has been erupting constantly since 1983. You can actually hike for a few hours up to the active lava flow near the Kalapana viewing area. 🌋 •••• You’ll feel the heat before you see the glow! This has been on my bucket-list for years! So happy I got to see the Earth’s creation process up close. 😆 • ——————————————— #Hawaii | #GoHawaii | #Kilauea ——————————————— Adventure Travel & Photography ——————————————— 👉🏼 👈🏼

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Kealakekua Bay on Hawaii’s Big Island. We spent the day kayaking and snorkeling here, the water is so clear! Special thanks to @holualoainn & @konaboys for helping to organize this adventure. •••• This bay is where the first extensive contact between Hawaiians & Westerners took place with the arrival of Captain Cook in 1779. • ——————————————— #HolualoaInn | #GoHawaii | #LetHawaiiHappen ——————————————— Adventure Travel & Photography ——————————————— 👉🏼 👈🏼

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Who wants to travel with me to Russia this spring?! After years of being asked about it, I’ve finally given in and decided to co-lead an adventure travel & photography tour with my wife @anna.everywhere. •••• Our destination is the remote Russian peninsula of Kamchatka, where we’ll spend 2 weeks in March traveling by snowmobile and living with ethnic Reindeer herders, to learn about their way of life. •••• Of course there will be plenty of photography opportunities too, and we’ll hang out together creating some amazing images of the journey. Super excited about this trip! • ——————————————— Visit my website to learn more & sign up for the tour! ——————————————— ✅ LINK IN BIO ✅ #Kamchatka | #Russia | #AdventureTravel | #PhotographyTour ——————————————— Adventure Travel & Photography ——————————————— 👉🏼 👈🏼

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Our little slice of paradise on the Big Island of Hawaii! The beautiful @holualoainn sits above Kona overlooking the ocean. It was a tranquil base for experiencing the island’s many adventures. They grow their own coffee & produce too! • ——————————————— #HolualoaInn | #GoHawaii | #LetHawaiiHappen ——————————————— Adventure Travel & Photography ——————————————— 👉🏼 👈🏼

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Finally got to meet Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of fire, up close and personal! She's definitely hot. 😳🔥🌋• ——————————————— @holualoainn | #Hawaii | #GoHawaii | #LetHawaiiHappen ——————————————— Adventure Travel & Photography ——————————————— 👉🏼 👈🏼

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Does this look like paradise? One of my favorite beaches on Oahu: Lanikai! 🌈🌴• ——————————————— #Hawaii | #GoHawaii | #LetHawaiiHappen ——————————————— Adventure Travel & Photography ——————————————— 👉🏼 👈🏼

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Scary ridge hike on Oahu! It’s a loooong way down on both sides... 😳 •••• Are you afraid of heights? • ——————————————— #Oahu | #GoHawaii | #LetHawaiiHappen ——————————————— Adventure Travel & Photography ——————————————— 👉🏼 👈🏼

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Aloha from Hawaii! Yesterday we kayaked out to this tiny island called Mokoli'i. So much fun! .... Spending the week on #Oahu, then a few days on the Big Island. Any recommendations for us? • ——————————————— #Hawaii | #GoHawaii | #LetHawaiiHappen ——————————————— Adventure Travel & Photography ——————————————— 👉🏼 👈🏼

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