Spending the whole day cooking & baking surrounded by my family. Hope you’re slowing down & enjoying your loved ones today 💫💕🍁🦃

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✨POTIONS✨ New favorite blend: @sunpotion reishi, pine pollen, cacao & ashwagandha with homemade cashew/macadamia creamer, @nutiva coconut manna, and I add a little coffee for good measure because, Sunday.

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Sharing two savory, vegetable-forward Summer snacks today on the blog💫 A radish-top green sauce I make almost every week and this savory yogurt bowl with olive oil and flaky sea salt (recipe link in profile) #dailysiggis #sponsored

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Even on the busiest days (10 hours on my feet, too many coffees, not enough nuts) when I'm feeling extra depleted, I can still throw together a hippie tostada for dinner. It's one of my favorite go-tos for weeknight meals when you're brain dead from work/life/politics/heat et al. Sharing the recipe for this comfort meal & an avocado cilantro pesto (does it get more California than that? Sorry) on the blog 🔮💫✨#halfcuphabit #justaddpulses #sponsored

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Summer: a love (produce/sunshine/being outdoors) - hate (being hot / humidity / state of the MTA) relationship.

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Real life dinner for when everyone gets home late and starving: kale salad plus a few fridge #mealprep favorites - beluga lentils, steamed veg (beets), toasted walnuts, Parmesan, avocado and a 5-min maple mustard vinaigrette (recipe in blog archive) topped with soft eggs. On the table in 10 min 👌✨

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Spent the weekend in California surrounded by family & fruit trees ✨💕

Love moody / grey days, but this crazy weather has me craving sun. Good thing I'm heading to the city of sunlight in a few days...☀️🏞🥑

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Hippie tuna salad feels like the California food I grew up on. This one - with lots of herbs & seeds (no mayo) - is for late lunch ✨ details in stories!

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RIP Spring - were you ever really there? Did we ever have you? You will be missed. 🌥⛈☁️☔️

Second breakfast: beluga lentils, purple scallions, olive oil fried egg and chive blossoms topped with a squeeze of lemon, fennel blossom pistachio dukkah (inspired by @alasully), flaky salt, and cracked pepper ✨👌and finally a little sunshine ☀️

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