The islands second largest bird - the sea eagle 🦅

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Can't stop staring at how blue this water is and just moments after saw a seal swimming around it


This quote goes out to all my creative friends - The worst enemy to creativity, is self doubt. Always trust your gut!!


Just moved to the other end of the island yesterday.. so now I get to be closer to these guys! A local guide was telling me that people use to think these were NZ fur seals, but they are actually a different species (genetically, not morphological) and they come from Australia! People have started calling them long nosed fur seals. Anyway this is a pup, who crawled all the way to the top of the hill, just so I could take a photo of him (or probably so he could stay warm). Unfortunately there was a few bits of rubbish around him 😤 which I will post up later.. I wish humans would be a little mindful sometimes

Life goes on within you and without you (p.s. Magpies are the most badass bird I know of)

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I'll keep your number saved 'cause I hope one day you'll get the sense to call me. I'm hoping that you'll say you're missing me the way I'm missing you #pinkmoon

And back to birds 😂 - a black shouldered kite catches a mouse for breakfast

Just to top off a pretty awesome day yesterday, a rainbow on sunset. Also if you can see that thing in the water, which I just missed capturing, it's a dolphin that just jumped out of the water

Talking about the best beaches in Australia the other day, still hard to go past this one -Whitehaven beach, Whitsundays!

Probably my second favourite Aussie bird and favourite to photograph!

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Don't wait for approval. Not everyone will understand your vision. You just need to believe in yourself, remain positive and go get it done.

I've always dreamed of going to Africa and working with big cats, but my second dream to that is to stay here in @Australia and work with our marine life in conservation. I've always been a water baby, and can remember holding onto the back of my old man as a kid, whilst he dived underwater and I would imagine he was a great whale and we were diving to the depths of the ocean. Even now I've swam with whale sharks and mantas in @westernaustralia, seals in @visitnsw, dolphins in @southaustralia and turtles in @queensland. Next trip is great whites and then an overseas trip to do the humpbacks. This is just a montage of old and new footage of some of my trips in Oz. Sorry for my Facebook friends who have seen some of it, but I've never uploaded it to Instagram. Hope it makes you as excited to enter the water as it does me! Music by my great mate @mikepaxtonmusic

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The birdlife in KI is amazing. I especially love seeing the raptors - kites, kestrels, and eagles (like this young male wedgie, who appears to have an injured eyelid) flying along, especially in the North coast.