We have another visitor at the Wildlife B&B! This time it's a little milk snake. He was found by my best friend in our pool hanging on to the edge with his little tail like a sea horse. He's still pretty weak so we think he may have been stuck for a little while. We'll be keeping him in a terrarium we have set up until he's a little stronger and able to hide from birds. Then he'll be going back to the woods! #RedonBlack #FriendofJack

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"She's a lady and ladies shouldn't be messed with" 🎶

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🎨It's that time again! We are now accepting Orders for paintings and Polaroids today through Sunday. You can visit the link in our bio or go to🎨 Every purchase is brining us closer to being able to take in more mistreated or unwanted exotics. As always a huge thank you to everyone for making #snagglenation possible. (Please remember to be mindful of shipping times as we never force Juniper to paint) 💕 #pablopifoxso

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How beautiful is this little visitor? He decided to take refuge from the rain, on our porch. Our house is basically a wildlife B&B. #lunamoth #actiasluna

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So excited. Car rides haven’t always been an easy task. Some days they’re a breeze, others they’re a complete nightmare. Recently @MyPuppyLove_ sent me their M7 Back Seat Cover which has been amazing. Foxes produce hormones that raise their stress levels tremendously in unknown situations. Even though Juniper loves to get in the car and ride to our favorite hiking spot, there can be an occasional bump in the road, or a branch that rubs the top of the Jeep. These things can be incredibly frightening which cause her to speed under the seats and hide, making it difficult to get her to calm down when we get to our final destination. The cover not only keeps Juniper from running to the floorboards, but also has a leash attachment that acts like a little seatbelt for her. I’ve seen these in the stores before and I’ve always wanted to try one, but this one is really more than I could have expected, its well made, padded, and keeps our backseat super clean. Ever since we started using it Juniper has been calm and content on our rides together. Making me a happy mum and her the happiest fox. You can grab one in the @MyPuppyLove_ Bio (they're 40% off until midnight!) 🚙 #livingwithjuni #sponsored

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If Juniper is a 'loaf' when she's on the bed does that make her a 'pilloaf'? 😂☁️

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If you've been watching our story then you've already met this little guy. Last night we found this baby bat on our back porch. When I walked in the house I could hear him crying loudly, so I went to check to see where the sound was coming from and he was hiding from our cat, Olive, on our screened porch. We're not sure how he got back there, but I rushed to find him before she did. The general rule is not to touch bats with your bare hands as they're rabies vectors, but I was too terrified Olive was going to get him. So, I rushed to pick him up before scouring the house for some gloves. (Don't worry guys I've been fully vaccinated). He's currently doing well and while we haven't had any luck finding a rehab that is willing to take him, he's in good hands, has a full belly, and we're trying to keep him as stress free as possible for the time being. Thank you to everyone who's messaged us about his care!

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Juniper meeting a puppy for the first time 😂 (Watch with volume) #WHATISTHIS #SmolMoose . *Edit: The screams are just because she's very excited and confused. Other than that I have no translation. 🤔

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