Wearing the triple Black 97's in a Blacked out Northface bodywarmer on a brand new 1300cc matte black special edition Spyder next to my murdered out C63. I'm like Batman to my home town its MAD!! 🦇🌃

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Sat here in a brand new Mercedes Gtc in a pair of retro 97's infont of a @spotify billboard after turning up to a JD signing that was meant to have been cancelled. What a day!!! 👑⚜️

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Tomorrow at 7pm 🔥🔥 i'm still gassed about 24 karat gold 95's!! 😅

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Theres no such thing as success without hard work. 👑⚜️

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‪Because the incredible hulk green Tns were lookin ❄️ with the Stone Island! ‬

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You don't wanna see me when i'm in a ski mask, coz you know I got the big ting in the rucksack... 🦇

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Its getting harder to believe I started at the very bottom... 👑⚜️

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