❗️ONLY DAYS LEFT TO SIGN UP❗️My Summer End Challenge is here 🤗 See link in my bio for details & Swipe Left for more results 🙌🏼 We had such great results & so many transformations last few times that I'm excited to do it again (see last few challenge video results) 🙌🏼 If you're going to do a challenge, take someone's advice and ask them for help - why do it with some who doesn't have a transformation of their own and can't relate to you? 🙈 Many of you have asked what my workouts are, what do I eat, how often do I train and etc… this is your chance to workout just like I do. This 6 week transformation challenge starting 7/23/17 with limited availability and the winners takes home $5,000 in CASH & prizes to the top 10 people. Contestants get the following: 🔹Meal plan designed by me 🔸Workouts modeled after my own 🔹Custom Macro & Calorie calculation 🔸Facebook Support group access 🔹Weekly Facebook Live Q&A with me 🔸Photos & Videos of workouts 🔹Live Chat via KiK Messenger 🔸Weekly Check-Ins with me 🔹Win $1,250, $1000, $750 & more 🔸Ability to ask me questions 🔹Your own transformation 🔸Worldwide entry! 🔹Male & Female plans 🔸Vegetarian, Vegan & Fish options 🔹At Home workout option included 🔸Weekly progress report To enter simply go to the link in my bio:

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‼️PLEASE READ‼️Ladies! I used to think some were just blessed with a perfect body and others were not. That there was no way to change your body, shape or improve your appearance naturally yet drastically. But once I found fitness & a diet that fueled my body I fell in love with the fact that i could drastically enhance the body I was given, blessed or not. I want to share my personal experiences with women everywhere. Aging or growing more mature, as I like to look at it, is a blessing! Time to grow stronger, build those muscle, become tighter, leaner, be more discipline and improve our shape over time! I started falling in love with the fact that time is a blessing if we use it to our advantage! What are you waiting for! Let's sculpt our bodies now! Time will bless you! 💪🏽 Check out the link in my bio for all my workout programs & diet plans @laurendrainfit ••• Photo by the hubs: @theiobot

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One of the many new workouts I've added to my 6 week challenge. Banded split leg duck walk with a toilet sit while holding a heavy object 😂 But no really, this is one of many new glute workouts I'm adding to my 6 week challenge for intermediate & advanced lifters. I have three tiers of workouts: 1) beginner 2) intermediate 3) advanced (usually involving balance or single sided movements). Sign up ends soon so register today - link in my bio @laurendrainfit

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GIVEAWAY: Win an entry into my 6 week challenge or a set of New Workwear Revolution Scrubs 🙌🏼 To enter: 1: Like this Photo 2: TAG a friend in the comment below 3: Follow @cherokeeuniforms You can enter as many times as you want by tagging a different person below. If you TAG a nurse, a doctor, an EMT, a vet, a firefighter a cop or military add a ⭐️ after their name 🙌🏼 I'll be picking multiple winners tomorrow morning at random 😘 For more details about my challenge see link in my bio 😘 I will be picking multiple winners 😏

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Fun Fact: I can't drink more than one coffee a day & I can't have it after 3pm or I'll be up all night 🙈 My go-to coffee is iced black with almond milk & stevia but I mostly drink a large iced matcha green tea latte, no syrup, almond milk & ✌🏽stevia 😋

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TAG A FRIEND 😘 No gym? No problem - quick HIIT workout on the stairs 💪🏽 Using my @sweetsweat wrap to help boost circulation, increase core body temp & sweat more 🙌🏼 Get 20% off with my code: Fit20

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Make sure those legs match that booty 😏 Funny story, after a year or so of lifting & sculpting my body I became insecure about the size of my legs. David took a photo of me at the gym & I took him over a month to convince me to post it 🙈 I thought people would make fun of me & say I have manly legs. That photo ended up going viral & you guys loved it. It gave me the boost of confidence I needed & it helped me overcome my doubts & allowed me to further embrace the body I had worked so hard for. That photo is down on my page & I'm wearing the number 23 shirt with my quads flexed. Its also my most popular poster now 🙌🏼 Build it & love it ladies 💪🏽😘 For more about my story visit my website - link in bio. And don't forget that my 6 week challenge starts on 7/23 so sign up before it's too late 🙌🏼

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Photo before the swim. I don't always love cardio so I'm constantly finding ways to make it more enjoyable. One of the ways is to go hiking outdoors, off the beaten path, to remote places in nature. No I didn't hike in a bikini, but I did bring it with me for a dip 😏 Would y'all wanna see more fitness & nature posts? I'm really starting to enjoy the journey it takes to get a photo like this: both the discipline in diet/training to feel confident in a bikini and the travel/hiking to get to nature's beautiful locations. ••• Photo by @theiobot

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Country girl at heart 🌾 I was born in FL & lived in KS for a good portion of my life. Where are you from? And remember my summer end challenge starts in just 1 week - for details see link in my bio 💪🏽 ••• Lens: @harrylhgfx

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