TAG a mate who thinks he can squat... 😲

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When you're in the gym and a banger comes on... 🎶😂

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"My missus asked me if we could watch something 'Christmassy', so I put FIFA on with snowy conditions." 😂😂

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Who needs the tooth fairy when you've got a slingbow? 😲

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Brave dog escapes Hell in a Cell... 🐕🙌

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This little girl's brother tried to save her during a school wrestling match... 😂😂 Straight out of WWE... 💪

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WWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Manchester City are the first team in English top-flight history to win 15 consecutive league games 👏

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Peter Crouch: "It was the before the 2007 UCL final. We went Go-Karting. We were going round the track and I flew into the pits but there were no breaks. I was driving straight towards Kuyt and Alonso and thought to myself who was more valuable... So I swerved into Kuyt!" 🤣👏 Credit: @fourfourtwouk

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@rioferdy5 has some kind words for Burnley, and some harsh ones for Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs... 😱

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