My respect for firefighters is on a whole other level! Thank you for ALL that you do for us on a daily! So selfless, so courageous, so brave!! ❤️🚒❤️

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Photo @ladzinski / With an estimated 10,000 thermal features, there is no place on earth like #YellowstoneNationalPark. This photo here is of #LakeShoreGeyser on the fringe of the iconic #YellowstoneLake, a long exposure giving it this ethereal feel. In many ways, #MemorialDayWeekend in the United States is the kick-off of the season for National Parks, especially in higher altitudes where many of the roads have been covered in snow. It's a time where these roads are re-opened and the season for visitors from all around the world begins. @yellowstonenps

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I just saw the news last night and had to share with you guys. HELL YEAH!!

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Viva 🏨 y su selección de hoteles de putas DIVAS 💁🏻‍♂️ a buen precio 👌🏻 Estamos en un 5 estrellas bien clásico y barroco ✨ y encantadas, claro 🌝 Más en stories! 👉🏻

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Фото было сделано вчера, а по сегодня и не скажешь😩 Как дела Ваши? Какие планы на лето?😏

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See you all this Saturday at Mall of America for my concert!!!!!!! Can't wait it's going to be soooooooooo fun !!!!!!!!! Go to the Mall of America website for all the details !!!!! 🎀🎉🎤🌈🎤🔥🎥

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Как же все таки тяжело держать себя в форме на отдыхе..... когда столько соблазнов: валяться, кушать и пить кока-колу, которую я так обожаю😓

What instruments do you play? 🎶

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Ne çok yalnızlık aldın gecelerimden. Omuz verdin. El tuttun. Hançerin kalem. İyi ki yaktın canımı. Çocukluğumun kahramanlarından. İyi ki doğdun. Sağol. #küçükiskender

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🏆 #CampionsFCB 👏👏 ⚽️👌 @neymarjr has now scored in three consecutive cup finals ⚽️👌 #Neymar encadena tres finales de Copa consecutivas marcando ⚽️👌Neymar encadena tres finals de Copa consecutives marcant 🔵🔴 #ForçaBarça

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خانه بهروز وثوقی بازیگر به ياد ماندنى سینما در خيابان استاد نجات الهی تهران به مزایده گذاشته شد پ.ن:عوض اينكه شرايطى فراهم كنيم اسطوره سينماى ايران برگرده،چوب حراج زديم به مال و اموال ايشون به كام چه كسانى؟ خريدو فروش اين ملك حلال است؟! شرم بر ما آدم بغضش مى گيره، نكنيد اين كارو! @vossoughi_behrouz #بهروزوثوقی #navidmohammadzadeh #navidmohamadzadeh #نويد_محمدزاده

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94 on Instagram & Twitter _____________________________________ Many people throughout the world are still shocked over the attacks that occurred in Manchester following #ArianaGrande’s concert. _____________________________________ Nonetheless, many people have been coming together to help those that were affected due to the attack. _____________________________________ According to Complex, #Eminem and #JustinTimberlake are two big names that have been using their social media presence to help raise money for the Manchester attack victims. _____________________________________ Recently both artists shared a link to a fund that has been set up by the Manchester Evening News and British Red Cross, encouraging fans to join them in donating to the victims of the attack. _____________________________________ As a result, almost $2.3 million has been raised so far. _____________________________________ The amount of money that both musicians have donated has not been disclosed publicly, but—read more at (📷: Scott Legato/ Kevin Winter/ @gettyimages)

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