Listen if there is something someone is doing that is really bothering u or messing with your life u need to tell them if there's something u need to say then frickin say it!!!! Ur feelings about it are not gonna go away if u ignore it and stay silent ok?

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He's so cute the way he overreacts! 🐼😻

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I have been discovering so many talented artists lately! This piece was inspired by @qinniart . I love her use of light in her paintings. The atmosphere is magical!✨ what should I call this one?! #watercolor #art #painting

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ONE OK ROCK 2017 "Ambitions" JAPAN TOUR at BIG WHALE, Wakayama. #SiM Photo by 半田安政(Showcase)

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เดี๋ยวนี้ไม่รอแล้ว สวัสดีหม่ามี๊แล้ววิ่งไปหาคุณครูเลยค่ะ เห็นอย่างนี้แม่ก็สบายใจ😌💕 #PeamaiTae #2years1month

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