When you're on the starting line but the rest of the team is done for the day and eating food by the track 📷Steven Pisano #milesplit #track

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Back in that dinner and writing and wining tip with this @vaov. Not pictured, my sweatpants, leopard slippers, and shirt I've been wearing since yesterday. I am a vision.

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Sneaking pics 24/7. She was ready for this one. See you soooon.

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Taking a lunch break from van life cooking while we explore the incredibly picturesque Arrowtown 🌲🍳🍅🚌🌱☕️🍋🌶🍃

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Sunday Football✔️Heading out to see a movie that has a terrible Rotten Tomatoes score. Already have tickets. What-a-ya gonna do...👅🤞🏼🤦🏼‍♀️ #byebyeman Oh and By the by - Music Video shoot got moved to this coming Friday, so keep a look out then for BTS photos and videos!🎥🕺🏼

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Black Sherpa Full Zip Fleece 😍🐘✨

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my dad and i are looking at used cars and i'm close to convincing him to get me this prius bc gas is hella cheap and it's lowkey pretty —sara

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