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Been in love with her since High School... I had a really unhealthy obsession. Haha. Perfection. Happy Birthday Jada. 😘

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Закончили съёмки ...✋️домой ☀️

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моя Тинуля ❤️вы спрашиваете как можно быть такой красивой ?😂😂😂💣это все она . мой друг @tina_antonenko_makeup

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посмотрела "маленькие трагедии" @kirillserebrennikov очень много чувств. эмоций. иногда противоречивых. но безусловно сильных. создавать на сцене миры в такой современной и очень личной интерпретации - всегда вызов. всегда риск. а потому браво, таланту автора. браво невероятным актерам @avdeevfilipp @v_isakova @bahaooo 🙌 @gogolcenter 🙏

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закончили на сегодня ☺️холодно мне чЕго- то

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Летим 🛫 Америка🎤#тур 21.09 NY (Master Theater) 22.09 Chicago (The MID) 23.09 Toronto#канада (Masion) 24.09 Miami (Tatiana club) 28.09 Denver (Prive At Dorchester) 29.09 San Francisco (City Nights) 30.09 Los Angeles (Lure) 01.10 Seattle (Aston Manor)

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Моя любимая @ritadakota запускает новый трек!#кто🔥 я люблю эту девочку за Ее желание жить , творить и отдаваться . Индивидуальность и сила в каждом слове - это Рита Дакота!! Пусть у тебя все получается ,родная❤️Слушаем и пишем коменты 🙌#КтоРитаДакота

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Так долго ты молчала и так долго готовилась к чему- то особенному ...это твой первый музыкальный спектакль и я знаю , что это будет очень талантливо! Я верю в тебя и желаю тебе большой удачи , моя хорошая 🙏пусть все получится! Я с тобой ❤️ @nadyameiher

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Found myself exploring some of the whitest sand Australia has to offer this weekend in Jervis Bay, capturing new art and trialling new concepts. As part of the @samsungau team, I've been using the #GalaxyS8 to help me capture these amazing places. The infinite screen display means I can see my new custom wallpaper in it's full format and the water resistance means I don't need to worry when shooting in water. Leave me a comment if you'd like this to be your new wallpaper and I'll put it on my story for you guys to grab! #ToTheMakers

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What they don't tell you is how cold it can get, or uncomfortable when screws or rocks are prodding your skin as you shift in place, clenching at your sleeping bag in hopes of a warmer rest. It seems the "enviable life" is often misleading and doesn't showcase all the little in-between moments you spend in silence, just missing your shot, not seeing anything at all, or not having warm food to eat. Most days you're hungry because you're used to just walking to the refrigerator every second. It's also when you're out in the cold, that you start to notice the home strangers create alongside you. You can talk for the first time to someone without a rhetorical "how are you" or other common nicety. We've been on the road for 11 days and already we've trekked more than 2,000 miles, roads that go on for hours without so much as a spec of change. You hope and wait with bated breaths that each minute you spend in search of - you will spend reaping benefits - but it never happens. Traveling is often about patience, and learning to be ok with discomfort, it helps to be positive even when you're down and out on your luck, when you run out of gas or when your back window shatters. And as much as even I think I love this life, it can drain you, you miss your loved ones and your bed, your routines and access. It can scare you and push you to grow. I have never regretted a single journey I've been on, and I'm thankful for every challenge I am faced with - both seen and otherwise. Life is about change, overcoming and growth. None of these are destinations you can reach, or tickets you can buy, they're found only in your willingness to go outside what you know to learn better what you don't. Cheers to the Adventure in all of us. #1924us #go #portrait #explore #life #home #inspiration #travel #alaska #oregon #defeat

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